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Crafting Challenges: Davide Brivio on the MotoGP Adventure

After completing his tenure in Formula 1 with Alpine, Davide Brivio makes a comeback to the MotoGP realm, assuming the role of Team Principal for the newly established Trackhouse Racing team. This transition presents an invigorating challenge for the Brianza native, poised to leverage his wealth of experience in steering Justin Marks’ team and Aprilia, the latter being the American team’s satellite outfit.

Reflecting on his F1 journey, Brivio acknowledged, “F1 provided me with valuable professional growth. While the outcomes were not entirely as anticipated, it afforded me insights into the inner workings of a large-scale organization. I gleaned new knowledge, and I am eager to explore how these learnings may benefit my new MotoGP venture,” as shared in an interview with Sky Sport.

A prominent figure in the NASCAR landscape, the Trackhouse team signaled its intent early on not to merely participate in MotoGP but to strive for excellence, staying true to its distinctive ethos and unconventional approach to the motorsport arena.

Brivio remarked, “This marks my inaugural stint with an independent team, albeit one that stands out from the rest. Their American identity, coupled with a fervent spirit for innovation, sets them apart,” he elaborated. “Having visited their headquarters, I must say it’s a remarkable setup. The allure of the American milieu has always intrigued me, and I look forward to exploring potential cross-pollination between their motorsport domain and the European counterpart, drawing inspiration bidirectionally between NASCAR and MotoGP.”

Consequently, the Italian luminary will collaborate closely with both the American parent entity and Aprilia to forge a competitive team from the outset.

A robust partnership with Aprilia is on the horizon,” Brivio affirmed. “We are set to collaborate extensively with Massimo Rivola, the driving force behind Aprilia’s ascent. Together, we aim to synergize and cultivate a formidable team. Miguel Oliveira and Raul Fernandez, our talented duo of riders, hold immense promise. Our goal is to maximize their potential, considering that they were somewhat hindered from showcasing their full capabilities last season,” he outlined the roadmap ahead. “Ducati has solidified its competitive edge, underscoring the imperative for Aprilia to narrow the gap and challenge this dominance. Aprilia’s proactive stance, particularly in aerodynamics, is evident. With a brand-new bike in the mix, initial teething issues might arise, but its latent capabilities are promising. Our mission is to infiltrate the Ducati stronghold and pose a formidable challenge. This is the collective endeavor of Aprilia and KTM, while the Japanese contenders strive for advancement, collectively aiming to unsettle Ducati’s supremacy despite the inherent challenges.”