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Missouri Baptist church member offers pro-life options for women

BOWLING GREEN – Options for Women (Pregnancy Resource Center) provides information and clinical services to the women in northeastern Missouri and surrounding areas.

“We are seeing women in the midst of brokenness.” Carmen Gamm, director of client services and member of Second Baptist Church here, said. “The world is telling them that abortion is ok and that they should be able to live and to make plans without a baby. We are trying to give them resources to avoid that catastrophic decision.”

The center has grown in recent years, expanding from its beginnings in Bowling Green to a new location in Hannibal. “God blessed us with a new location in the Fall of 2022. We can keep it staffed with volunteers,” Gamm said. “We can always use more volunteers at both locations. We have a policy of having two people working to keep the doors open.”

Getting the word out about both locations is important to Gamm. “Most people know that abortion is not available in Missouri,” she continued. “But we are sitting on the border with Illinois. We want as many people to know about the resources that we have to offer as possible.”

Gamm and the volunteers with Options for Women have planned several events to let people know about their resources and needs. “We had a lovely tea in March at Immanuel Baptist Church in Hannibal,” Gamm said. “Instead of inviting an outside speaker, we asked volunteers to talk on something about volunteering that has touched their hearts.”

Walks for Life are planned. “We are hosting a walk on the Hannibal-LaGrange University campus on April 20 and another one on Saturday, May 11, at Bowling Green City Park,” Gamm said.

The Options Center is a dedicated supporter of partnerships. The board is interdenominational, and Gamm identified partnerships with the Walks for Life.

“The Walk on the Hannibal-LaGrange Campus will begin at 9 am,” she said, “but the Knights of Columbus will do a pancake and sausage breakfast for us at 8 am. They are asking for a love offering for the breakfast. The walk at the Bowling Green City Park will start a little later at 11 am, so there will be a Barbeque lunch.”

According to Gamm, Woods Smoked Meat will be doing the food preparation and will have their “famous” BBQ Pork Burger on sale with hot dogs and hamburgers. In addition, both walks will be family friendly events. Face-painting will be available at the city park location as well as access to a nearby playground.

“We are happy to be on the Hannibal campus,” Gamm said. “It is an opportunity for education on the sanctity of life. We have fliers and information all around the campus.”

Gamm also wanted all to know that walking isn’t required for the walks. “It is fine to register and get supporters to back you. If someone registers and gets $150 or more in support,” she said, “they earn a free t-shirt.”

Registration is available on the center’s website: Gamm also opened an opportunity for specific prayer for the coaches at the Center.

“If someone is interested in praying for a coach while they are counseling a woman considering abortion,” she explained, “they can email me, and I will get their written permission to send a text. It is so empowering for our coaches to know God’s people are praying for their time with the ladies.” Gamm can be contacted at .