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Miller Life Is Debuting Dive Bar Inspired Hot Sauce On Monday

The same brand that introduced its fans to dive bar-flavored ice cream bars and chocolate truffles is now offering dive bar inspired hot sauce.

Miller High Life has teamed up with Chef Sam Davis-Allonce of the cult-favorite hot sauce brand, , a cult favorite hot sauce brand, to come up with a hot sauce that tastes like a dive bar, which is aptly named Dive Bar Hot Sauce.

“Miller High Life is no stranger to taking a seasonal staple and giving it the dive bar High Life treatment,” says Frank Cirone, senior marketing director of the economy portfolio at Molson Coors. “We’ve ‘dive bar-ified’ everything from ice cream to chocolate to gingerbread and now hot sauce.”

Starting at noon EST on April 29, fans can head to purchase a bottle of this hot sauce for $12, which is the same price to snag a 12-pack of Miller High Life. There are only limited quantities of this hot sauce, and for those who missed out on getting a bottle of their own, they can enter to win a bottle of Dive Bar Hot Sauce .

“We’ve found with each limited edition product we’ve produced, people love it and scramble to get their hands on it,” Cirone says. “So for this collaboration, we were thinking about the elements of dive bars we haven’t yet touched.”

Hot sauce came to mind because it’s been a dive bar staple for the longest time, Cirone says. “In recent years, hot sauce has become more and more a part of the cultural conversation,” he says. “It felt like the right time, and Chef Sam proved to be the right partner, to bring this to life.”

The ingredients are inspired by the sights, smells and tastes of people’s favorite dive bar. Peppers are added because they’re as “ hot as the neon signs in the window,” he says. Smokiness is added because it’s “that signature dive bar scent that lingers as much on your tongue as on your clothes.” Lemon pepper juice “adds a sharp kick reminiscent of the house wings,” he says. Then, carrot juice is added to the mix to give the sauce “that slightly sweet, finger-licking feel that only comes with the best dive bar foods.”

This sauce is also the first and only hot sauce to have Miller High Life poured directly into the recipe. “Miller High Life’s Dive Bar Hot Sauce is the perfect back pocket accessory for your dive bar snacks or at-home apps,” Cirone says. “Dive Bar Hot Sauce was created by Chef Sam s a toast to kitchen staff, bar backs and High Life lovers looking to add some zest to happy hour.”

Cirone says only 2,500 bottles of this sauce were created, and he expects it to sell out fast. “Miller High Life is a brand with a loyal following, and our fans are known to get excited whenever we release something new and unexpected,” Cirone says “Since hot sauce is such a staple across so many cultures and settings and enhances the flavor of any food, we hope Dive Bar hot sauce will help us welcome new fans to ‘Taste the High Life,’ too.”