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LEGAL CORNER: Are there any programs someone who is physically challenged can enroll in for life skills?

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) – Legal Corner answers viewers’ civil legal questions.

QUESTION: My granddaughter is mentally and physically challenged. She will graduate from high school in a few weeks. Are there any programs that I can enroll her in after graduation that will teach her life skills that she can use to work on a job?

ANSWER: Yes, there are.

Louisiana offers six inclusive higher education programs, which allow students with intellectual and developmental disabilities to enjoy their college experience. Four out of the six programs are Comprehensive Transition Programs (CTP).

CTP’s are degree, non-degree, or certificate programs for students with intellectual disabilities. These programs are designed to give students opportunities to grow educationally and socially.

The Program for Successful Employment (PSE) is a two-year vocational training program for adults with autism and/or other cognitive differences. This program combines academic and job skills training with externship opportunities in regional businesses.

Bridge to Independence provides the support services needed for eligible students to attend regular Nicholls classes, participate in campus events and activities, and join campus organizations.

Lions Connected at Southeastern Louisiana University centers their Lions Connected Courses and college-level courses around the practice of “learning by doing.” As students in the LC program prepare for a career they love, Lions Connected works closely with each student to customize their courses and college experience. Academic mentors accompany each LC student every step of the way. They help the LC students learn to navigate the complexities of campus life. Social mentors are available to enrich interpersonal skills and relationships through extracurricular activities.

The UL LIFE (Learning Is For Everyone) Program is a post-secondary comprehensive transition program (CTP) recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. UL LIFE is a highly individualized certificate program for young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. By combining the four pillars of UL LIFE: academic growth, independent living, community involvement, and career development in a college environment, UL LIFE Students can gain the skills and experiences to become contributing members of their community.

Post-Secondary Apprenticeship for Youth (PAY Check) at LSU Health and Sciences Center is a 3-5 semester program wherein students select courses at Delgado Community College related to UMC-targeted apprenticeship areas, participate in professional career development activities, learn community and work skills, and gain employment experience through a paid apprenticeship at the University Medical Center.

Louisiana Alliance of Postsecondary Inclusive Education helps to increase postsecondary inclusive opportunities for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Louisiana.

QUESTION: I relocated to Alabama and recently was pulled over by the police. When he checked my driver’s license, he told me it was suspended! I called the Louisiana DMV to ask why and was told that there was an unpaid judgment against me. How does that affect my driving?!

ANSWER: License, registration, and non-resident’s operating privileges shall remain suspended and shall not be renewed, nor shall any such license or registration be thereafter issued in the name of any person, including anyone not previously licensed, unless and until every such judgment is stayed, satisfied in full …and until the proof is given of financial responsibility. A discharge in bankruptcy following the rendering of any such judgment shall not relieve someone from any of these requirements.

The commissioner shall not suspend a license, registration, or a nonresident’s operating privilege, and shall restore all of these when the debtor gives proof of financial responsibility and obtains an order permitting the payment in installments. (R.S.32§892,893 894 Suspension to continue until judgments paid and proof given)

Talk with the DMV and ask how these arrangements can be made.