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Revealing Insights: Former Royal Aide Unveils the Real Palace Life

Working closely with the royal family can be quite challenging. The royals maintain packed schedules and are constantly under public scrutiny, which means their staff members are equally busy. Despite the demanding nature of their roles, palace aides typically refrain from sharing details about their experiences with the renowned family. However, Samantha Cohen, who dedicated 18 years to working closely with the royal family, recently broke this tradition of silence in an interview, offering a glimpse into life behind the palace walls.

Cohen commended the late Queen Elizabeth as an employer, highlighting the special treatment she received, such as having her own room at the royal residence. She shared, “I was away working a lot with a young family, but the Queen made it easy. If there was an evening function, I’d stay over and sleep in my own bedroom at Windsor so I didn’t have to drive back to London at night.” Cohen also reminisced about the times when she could bring her family along during duties at Balmoral and Sandringham, recalling fond memories of spending Christmas at Sandringham. She fondly expressed, “The Queen and I used to talk a lot. I miss her; she was a special woman.”

Contrary to expectations of strict perfectionism, Cohen revealed that Queen Elizabeth actually found delight in imperfections, relishing the spontaneity of mishaps during events. She shared how the late monarch appreciated when things didn’t go as planned, as it added excitement to her well-organized life.

This sentiment of embracing the unexpected was also reflected in Cohen’s observations about Prince Philip in 2021. She recounted how both grandparents found humor in mishaps, cherishing moments when things didn’t go according to plan, providing a break from the constant pressure of perfection.

Cohen’s close relationship with the royal family was evident when she attended Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding in 2018. Her bond with the late queen extended to accompanying her on various travels, showcasing the trust and camaraderie they shared.

Despite the lighter moments, managing royal affairs wasn’t without its challenges. Cohen recounted an incident where she was humorously dubbed “Samantha the Panther” by the media for turning down a celebrity guest. Reflecting on the incident, she clarified that her intentions were misunderstood, emphasizing her efforts to handle the situation graciously despite the ensuing media attention.

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