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Revitalizing Life: Young Central Texas Boy Embraces Newfound Hope with Immunotherapy

Treatment for Epilepsy in a Young Boy from Central Texas

A child from Central Texas who grappled with severe epilepsy for almost a year now enjoys a renewed quality of life, all thanks to immune therapy.

In AUSTIN, Texas, a young boy faced debilitating epilepsy for nearly a year before finding relief through immune therapy. His family finally secured effective treatment after a perceptive doctor in Austin identified a rare autoimmune disorder as the root cause of his seizures.

Lincoln Holland, residing in College Station, encountered his first seizure in 2021 at the tender age of two and a half.

“We were completely bewildered by what was happening,” shared Lincoln Holland’s mother, Ashley.

Subsequently, he started experiencing up to 15 seizures daily and had to wear a helmet to prevent self-injury.

“He regressed in every aspect. His speech ceased, his interactions dwindled. We resorted to strapping him down just to feed him,” recounted Ashley Holland.

Ashley Holland observed a drastic change in her son, prompting visits to four different neurologists, yet Lincoln’s condition continued to deteriorate.

“We exhausted all options in an attempt to uncover the underlying issue,” expressed Ashley Holland.

After approximately nine months, the Hollands crossed paths with Dr. Karen Keough, a pediatric neurologist and epilepsy expert at St. David’s Children’s Hospital in North Austin.

“Upon seeing him, I immediately recognized the symptoms,” shared Keough.

Drawing from his medical history, Keough suspected that Lincoln’s seizures stemmed from a rare autoimmune condition that often eludes conventional diagnostic tests.

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“The autoimmune response was essentially attacking his brain, triggering the onset of epilepsy,” explained Keough.

Keough initiated Intravenous Immunoglobin therapy (IVIG) for Lincoln.

“It functions akin to a vacuum cleaner, circulating to block and eliminate these troublesome antibodies, halting their adverse effects,” elucidated Keough.

The outcomes were remarkable.

“The very next day, he was free from seizures. The very next day,” rejoiced Ashley Holland.

Lincoln underwent monthly infusions at St. David’s Children’s Hospital, with his final session concluding last July. He has now been seizure-free for two years, even discontinuing his daily seizure medication.

“He has essentially overcome epilepsy,” affirmed Keough.

Although such a significant improvement is uncommon, IVIG proves beneficial for individuals with autoimmune epilepsy.

At present, Lincoln is five years old, undergoing therapy to address developmental setbacks. His mother considers herself fortunate to have her son back.

“Our lives have undergone a profound transformation, and we are immensely grateful. Lincoln is incredibly active, reveling in outdoor activities like basketball and puzzles,” shared Ashley Holland. “His radiant smile speaks volumes.”

The Holland family now advocates for epilepsy awareness and contributes to St. David’s Children’s Hospital to support children like Lincoln.

Looking ahead, Keough aspires to expedite the accurate diagnosis of autoimmune epilepsy cases to facilitate prompt access to necessary treatments for children.