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Comparing the Cast of ‘Mary & George’ to Their Real-Life counterparts

Julianne Moore portraying the character of Mary Villiers

Julianne Moore, the acclaimed actress, takes on the role of Mary Villiers, a character driven by a thirst for power. Reflecting on her character, Moore emphasizes Mary’s constrained choices, stating, “The most intriguing aspect of Mary is her profound awareness of the limitations placed upon her. Her avenues to influence are solely through the men she is wedded to or her offspring.” Moore delves deeper into Mary’s psyche, noting a sense of desperation and hunger that is truly striking.

Nicholas Galitzine in the role of George Villiers

a man and a womanUniversal History Archive/Getty Images; Starz

Nicholas Galitzine, known for his roles in various productions including Red, White, & Royal Blue and Bottoms, embodies the character of George Villiers. He shares his experience of portraying George’s evolution from a fragile young man to a figure wielding power comparable to the King of England.

Tony Curran as the portrayal of King James VI and I

a person in a garmentFine Art Images/Heritage Images/Getty Images; Starz

Tony Curran, the talented Scottish actor, steps into the intricate character of King James. Delving into the role, Curran highlights the vulnerability and profound loneliness that define King James, portraying a monarch with an inner void yearning to be filled.

Trine Dyrholm as Queen Anne’s character

a collage of a personLeemage/Corbis/Getty Images; Starz

Trine Dyrholm, the Danish actress, embodies the role of Queen Anne, a character with Danish origins. The complexity of Queen Anne is further accentuated by the challenging task faced by the hair stylist in creating her distinctive wig styling, as described by Adam James Phillips.

Mark O’Halloran portraying Francis Bacon

a man with a beard and a hatAnn Ronan Pictures/Print Collector/Getty Images; Starz

Mark O’Halloran, the accomplished Irish playwright and actor, takes on the persona of Francis Bacon. Described as cunning and politically ambitious, Bacon’s character adds depth and intrigue to the narrative.

Laurie Davidson as Robert Carr, Earl Somerset’s character

a person with a beardKean Collection/Getty Images; Starz

Laurie Davidson embodies the character of Robert Carr, the Earl Somerset, known as King James’s favored companion prior to George’s arrival. Davidson sheds light on the psychological intricacies of Mary & George, portraying it as more than a conventional historical drama by delving into the characters’ motivations and driving forces.

Pearl Chanda portraying Frances Carr, Countess of Somerset

a collage of a womanWikipedia; Starz

Pearl Chanda takes on the role of Frances Carr, the Countess of Somerset, an English noblewoman embroiled in scandal alongside her husband. Following their fall from the king’s favor, both Frances and her husband face trial for the murder of Thomas Overbury.

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