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Harambee Neighborhood Embarks on a Community-Led Journey to Enhance Local Living

Uniting for a Brighter Future in Harambee

In Milwaukee’s Harambee neighborhood, the community spirit is vibrant, encapsulated by its name which means “all pull together” in Swahili. Recently, over 250 residents have rallied to craft a transformative Quality of Life plan, placing their collective vision at the forefront of neighborhood development. This initiative, kick-started in 2021 by LISC Milwaukee, aims to harness the local voice in dictating the future trajectory of the area.

Crafting a Collaborative Blueprint for Improvement

Bound by Capitol Drive and North Avenue, and stretching from Interstate 43 to Holton Street, Harambee is focusing on pivotal areas such as community safety, housing, economic growth, and improved neighborhood communication. With the support of a $200,000 investment from LISC Milwaukee and Wells Fargo, the plan includes detailed strategies for increasing homeownership among low and moderate-income residents, enhancing tenant rights education, and fostering safe, community-driven spaces. This strategic outline was enthusiastically received during a late February presentation at St. Martin de Porres Catholic Church.

Empowering Residents Through Active Engagement

The heart of this initiative lies in its resident-driven approach, ensuring that the voices of Harambee’s community members lead the charge. A steering committee, including local leaders and stakeholders, has been pivotal in integrating the community’s aspirations into the plan. Engaging the neighborhood through virtual visioning sessions and interactive community events, such as those held at St. Marcus Lutheran Church and School, has been crucial. These sessions not only gathered input but also visualized residents’ ideas, creating a dynamic blueprint for action.

This community-led endeavor in Harambee is more than a plan; it’s a movement towards a cohesive and thriving neighborhood, driven by the residents’ shared goals and dreams. As this plan unfolds, it promises not only to enhance the quality of life in Harambee but also to serve as a model for community empowerment and collaborative urban development elsewhere.