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Gracie Abrams Reflects on How Opening for Taylor Swift Transformed Her Life

During an interview with PEOPLE at the 2024 Grammys, the 24-year-old singer of “I Miss You I’m Sorry” shared her experience of opening for the 34-year-old Swift on her Eras Tour.

Abrams expressed that being part of Swift’s tour was “beyond my wildest dreams.” She elaborated on how this opportunity to perform on such a grand scale had a profound impact on her life, stating, “Being a part of that tour in a tiny way has changed the course of my life in so many ways.” She emphasized the invaluable experience of studying under one of the greatest performers.

Describing Swift as an incredible performer and a generous friend, Abrams acknowledged the significance of Swift taking a chance on her. She attributed her presence at the event to Swift’s belief in her, expressing deep gratitude for the opportunity.

Making her debut at the ceremony at the Arena on Sunday, Abrams was nominated in a highly sought-after category, thanks to her first studio album, Good Riddance.

In a performance captured during the ‘Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour’, Taylor Swift and Gracie Abrams shared the stage.

During her conversation with PEOPLE, Abrams hinted at a new album currently in the works. Reflecting on her experience touring with Swift, she mentioned that it was her inaugural live performance, where she learned essential singing techniques such as projecting her voice and filling a space, especially after a hiatus during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Expressing how her upcoming album is influenced by her live performances over the past two years, Abrams highlighted the impact of these experiences on her music.

Despite the close bond with Swift, Abrams humorously revealed that she did not adopt a feline companion post-tour, unlike her cat-loving friend. Instead, she shared anecdotes about hosting a neighborhood cat with her roommate, jokingly referring to it as having a “half-cat.”