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Officer and Onlooker Collaborate to Rescue a Life

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) – In numerous instances, narratives involving law enforcement and individuals armed with a gun culminate tragically. However, this particular account takes a positive turn!

The narrative unfolds with a distressed individual in a vehicle, a fortuitously positioned officer, and a benevolent bystander.

Craig Trammel, a passerby, recounted, “When I was passing by Pullman Road, I happened to see that car. He just looked uneasy, didn’t look right.”

Randall County Sheriff Deputy Jacob Cochran coincidentally happened to be in the vicinity and was alerted by Trammel.

“Mr. Trammel was at the intersection of Pullman Road and 1151 and he waved me down,” Officer Cochran recounted.

Trammel elaborated, “So, Officer Cochran showed up and he got there and I told him the situation. And so he proceeded to talk to the gentleman.”

Officer Cochran engaged in a lengthy conversation with the individual. Subsequently, upon the individual’s request to exit the vehicle, Officer Cochran, perceiving no red flags due to the individual’s cooperation, allowed him to step out. However, within moments of stepping out, the individual brandished a handgun in an attempt to harm himself.

“I could see the gun. I kind of got out of the way because I didn’t know exactly what was going to happen,” Trammel recounted.

“I definitely wasn’t expecting that, so it caught me very much off guard,” Officer Cochran admitted.

Trammel praised Officer Cochran’s composed and professional handling of the situation, stating, “Officer Cochran, he just, he took care of that situation so professionally and calm, collected, everything. It was just, it worked out great.”

Recalling the intense moment, Officer Cochran mentioned, “I remember I’ve got a hold of this guy and we’re up against the car and I just remember Mr. Trammel yelling, ‘I’ve got it, I’ve got it,’ and that, to me, meant that he had the gun.”

“Officer Cochran got him, I grabbed the gun. He got him all secured and handcuffed, and it just happened in a matter of seconds,” Trammel added.

Through their selfless and courageous actions, what could have been a tragic incident concluded on a positive note. Craig Trammel was honored with the “Friend of the Sheriff” award for his valor.

“Mr. Trammel was a bystander that very much could have gotten in his truck and drove off the minute that that happened. He didn’t do that, he chose to step forward and help a police officer when I was in need,” Officer Cochran acknowledged.

When asked by Dave about his motivation to intervene, Mr. Trammel simply stated, “You just had to do it, you know? Something had to be done.”

Officer Cochran was also recognized for his adept handling of the crisis.

Crucially, no harm befell anyone involved, including the distressed individual.

“Last I knew he was getting treatment at the hospital. At that point, he was transferred to Northwest Texas Behavioral Health, formerly known as The Pavilion. I’m sure they’re giving him the assistance that he needs. The people that work in that place are great people and they do an excellent job,” Officer Cochran shared.

The individual at the center of the incident is receiving the necessary medical care—a positive outcome indeed!

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