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Georgia claims two spots on list of least expensive vacation destinations

ATLANTA – In a new study, Georgia secures two spots among the top 10 least expensive vacation destinations.

In a recent study, Georgia is the only state to claim two spots among the top 10 least expensive vacation destinations.

Travel experts at  analyzed over 100 well-known attractions nationwide, assessing them based on daily meal expenses, public transportation costs, accommodation rates, and attraction fees to identify the 10 most expensive vacation destinations in the U.S.

  • Georgia secures two spots in the ranks of least expensive destinations, with Helen at 3rd for just $110.00 daily, and Tybee Island at 4th, offering a daily steal at $118.44.
  • The Outer Banks, North Carolina, emerges as the least expensive destination, offering a full day’s experience at just $177, making a 7-day family vacation possible for around $3,247.9.
  • Charleston, West Virginia, is the most economical choice for a family of four at $418.042 daily, amounting to a total of $2926.3 for a 7-day family trip.
  • For under $200 a day, destinations like Charleston, Helen, Tybee Island, Gatlinburg, and the Outer Banks are popular choices to visit without the high cost.

10 Least Expensive Vacation Destinations in the U.S.

Rank Destination Name Total Cost/Day/person Cost for 7 days Trip/person Cost for a family of 4/day
1 Outer Banks, North Carolina 177 1237 463.982
2 Charleston, West Virginia 177 1242 418.042
3 Helen, Georgia 185 1297 458.333
4 Tybee Island, Georgia 186 1305 463.822
5 Gatlinburg, Tennessee 193 1350 494.820
6 Sedona, Arizona 198 1384 468.000
7 Cape Cod, Massachusetts 207 1447 535.222
8 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 209 1463 526.931
9 Bend, Oregon 214 1499 537.500
10 Monument Valley, Utah 218 1529 545.556

1. Outer Banks, North Carolina

We ranked Outer Banks as the least expensive destination, where the allure of the Atlantic meets affordability. With the lowest accommodation costs at $91.44, plus meals at $60 and attractions adding up to $11.27, the daily cost per person is a mere $177.

A week-long stay here costs $1,237.024 per person, making it an irresistible offer for a family of four at just $3,247.9. This proves that paradise doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

2. Charleston, West Virginia

Ranked second, Charleston offers a mix of history and nature at an average daily cost of $177 per person. Meals are $49.125, and accommodations are $121.33. A 7-day stay is $1,242 per person, offering affordability and charm at $2,926.3 for a family of four.

3. Helen, Georgia

Emulating a Bavarian village, Helen stands third with an average daily expense of $185 per person. The cost includes $63 for meals and $110 for lodging, totaling $1,297 per person for a week. Families can enjoy this unique experience for $3,208.3.

4. Tybee Island, Georgia

Fourth on the list, Tybee Island’s serene beaches come at a daily cost of $186 per person, with meals at $45 and lodging at $118.44. A week’s vacation for a family of four is reasonably priced at $3,246.8.

5. Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Gatlinburg offers access to the Great Smoky Mountains at $193 daily per person, with meals at $46.5 and accommodation at $115. The total for a 7-day family adventure is $3,463.7.

6. Sedona, Arizona

Known for its red rock vistas, Sedona ranks sixth, with an average daily cost of $198 per person. A week’s stay amounts to $1,383.667 per person, allowing a family of four to explore for $3,276.

7. Cape Cod, Massachusetts

At the seventh place, Cape Cod’s daily expenses average $207 per person, with a week-long visit costing $1,447.444 per person. A family of four can enjoy this coastal retreat for $3,746.6.

8. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

This vibrant city ranks eighth, with daily expenses at $209 per person. A week-long exploration costs $1,463.486 per person, offering urban energy for a family of four at $3,688.5.

9. Bend, Oregon

Ninth-ranked Bend is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, with a weekly cost of $1,499.167 per person. Families can enjoy natural beauty for $3,762.5, proving adventure is accessible.

10. Monument Valley, Utah

Completing the list, Monument Valley allows families to experience stunning landscapes at $3,818.9 for a week. Daily costs are $218 per person, including meals and accommodations, totaling $1,529.111 per person for a week-long stay.