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Honoring Bobby Maher Jr.: Hundreds Gather at David Street Station

CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) – The community gathered at David Street Station to pay tribute to the life of Bobby Maher Jr., whose life was tragically taken this past Sunday in a fatal incident at the Eastridge Mall.

The news of Bobby’s untimely death deeply shook the entire community. Casper resident Amber Holliday expressed, “It’s terrible, it’s incredibly tragic, it’s heart-wrenching.” Holliday’s son, Aiden, who was a close friend of Bobby, shared his feelings, saying, “I’ve been feeling more anger than sorrow. It’s just so unexpected for someone to get involved in a conflict, and for things to escalate to this extent.”

Despite the sorrow that enveloped Casper, the community came together in a remarkable show of support for Bobby and the Maher family. Amber remarked, “The unity and support displayed by this community for his family is unparalleled in my experience.” She recalled moving her family from Las Vegas to Casper five years ago to escape such violence.

Instances of such violence are rare in Casper, as noted by Lieutenant Scott Jones, who has served the community for 35 years and described this tragedy as unprecedented. In the aftermath, parents have been actively engaging in conversations with their children to ensure open communication. Travis Wheatley, another Casper resident, whose son was a friend of Bobby, mentioned, “It has been tough on him. He mentioned that it all feels surreal.” Wheatley emphasized the importance of being there for his son, offering unwavering support and understanding. Holliday also shared her approach to helping her son cope, emphasizing the importance of discussing emotions openly.

During the memorial service, Bobby’s girlfriend, Haley Bressler, took the stage unexpectedly and emotionally expressed Bobby’s exceptional qualities and her gratitude for the overwhelming support extended to the Maher family. She praised Bobby for his courage and kindness, thanking everyone for their contributions and gestures of kindness.

The outpouring of care and support from the Casper community has enveloped the Maher family in a comforting embrace. Wheatley assured the family, “Everyone here stands with you, no matter what, without hesitation.” Holliday added, “My heart breaks for them. They have all the love and support they need; they just need to reach out, and we will be there to help.” Aiden conveyed his love and support, emphasizing the community’s unwavering presence for the Maher family.

In a statement prepared by the Maher family, they expressed gratitude for the community’s overwhelming support and unwavering love for Bobby. DC Martinez, YMCA Sports Director and youth pastor, read the family’s statement, reflecting on Bobby’s enduring presence in their hearts.

The services honoring Bobby Maher Jr. will take place at Wolcott Galleria on April 20 at 9 am, followed by his burial at Highland Park Cemetery.

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