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Celebrating Lisa Marie Presley: A Touching Tribute at Graceland

A Legacy Unveiled at Graceland

On what would have been her 56th birthday, Lisa Marie Presley is celebrated with a heartfelt exhibit at Elvis Presley’s Graceland, entitled “Lisa Marie: Growing Up Presley.” Curated by Joel Weinshanker, this special display offers a rare glimpse into Lisa Marie’s personal journey, featuring a unique collection of memorabilia and previously unseen footage that chronicles her life from childhood to adulthood.

Personal Treasures and Public Tributes

The exhibit deeply personalizes Lisa Marie’s connection to Graceland, showcasing items from her early years, such as her baby footprints and school keepsakes, to her adult life, including a cherished golf cart and roller skates. Highlighting her fashion influence, the exhibit displays 45 outfits she wore over the years, including the elegant dress from her last Golden Globes appearance, providing a poignant reminder of her style and public presence.

A Daughter’s Enduring Influence

As visitors explore the exhibit, they encounter more intimate artifacts like Christmas cards, family photographs, and Lisa Marie’s own handwritten song lyrics, which paint a vivid picture of her artistic spirit. This tribute not only marks the first anniversary of her untimely passing but also celebrates her lasting impact, maintained through her daughter Riley Keough’s efforts to honor her legacy with an audiobook that promises to reveal Lisa Marie’s authentic self.