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Drew Barrymore Raves About ‘Facts of Life’ Stars in Unexpected Reunion

You embrace the positive, you embrace the negative, you embrace both, and there you have… ’s birthday surprise.

In a special celebratory edition of [ppp1], the cast members of one of Barrymore’s cherished television series, [ppp2], are coming together to extend their birthday wishes as she turns 49. In a sneak peek from the upcoming episode, Barrymore shared the profound impact the characters portrayed by [ppp3], [ppp4], and [ppp5] had on her during her formative years.

Reflecting on McKeon’s character, Barrymore expressed, “Jo was a significant source of inspiration for me in my youth.” She continued, “[Jo] exemplified that young girls could embody strength and resilience, diminishing many barriers for females.”

In response, McKeon affectionately replied, “You are truly special.”

Barrymore also delved into the influence of Whelchel’s character, Blair, on her ability to empathize. “Blair, to me, symbolized the idea that while we may feel intimidated by others, we need not be afraid and can still forge friendships,” she elaborated. “The notion that popular and attractive individuals can be daunting at times resonated with me through Blair’s character, emphasizing that true essence lies within.”

Curious to hear Barrymore’s perspective on her character, Natalie, Cohn playfully inquired, “Drew, how did I impact you, Drew?”

Barrymore responded, “You served as a moral compass for me on a grand scale. Natalie embodied the voice of reason for me. Your character possessed an innate understanding of moral values, distinguishing between right and wrong, good and evil—a quality I lacked in my upbringing.”

In another segment of the show, Barrymore emotionally articulated why The Facts of Life held such significance for her during her upbringing. “For those of us raised in non-traditional family structures, the show was pivotal. I saw a reflection of myself in all of you because you were not just self-reliant but also interdependent, with Mrs. Garrett [the late Charlotte Rae] guiding the way,” she remarked. “While mainstream television lacked relatability for me, I found solace in the strength and independence portrayed by you all, emphasizing the value of female camaraderie and the assurance of having someone looking out for you. I yearned to be a part of your world, as you provided me with a blueprint that enriched every aspect of my life.”

Witness Barrymore’s heartfelt admiration for the Facts of Life ensemble in the video above. The complete episode of The Drew Barrymore Show is set to premiere on Thursday on CBS.