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Unveiling Hope: The Journey of ‘Ordinary Angels’ by Donate Life KY

A Tale of Resilience and Unity

In the midst of a devastating snowstorm that paralyzed Kentucky in 1994, a glimmer of hope emerged for three-year-old Michelle Schmitt, who awaited a life-saving liver transplant in Nebraska. Despite the treacherous conditions, the community rallied together, showcasing the extraordinary power of unity and compassion in the face of adversity.

From Heartfelt Story to Silver Screen

The remarkable saga of Michelle Schmitt and the selfless acts of her community have now been immortalized in the nationwide film “Ordinary Angels,” featuring acclaimed actors Hilary Swank and Alan Ritchson. Through the lens of cinema, audiences will witness the indomitable spirit of individuals coming together to save a young life, igniting a beacon of hope in the darkest of times.

Inspiring Action and Advocacy

As the movie prepares for its nationwide release, it not only commemorates Michelle Schmitt’s legacy but also serves as a catalyst for conversations about organ donation and the profound impact of community support. By sharing Michelle’s story, the film aims to inspire individuals to register as organ donors and embrace the transformative power of compassion in shaping a better future.

For those inspired to join the cause of organ donation, visit the Kentucky Organ Donor Affiliates (KODA) website to learn more and register. Together, let us continue to spread awareness and uphold the legacy of ordinary angels who illuminate our world with acts of extraordinary kindness and generosity.