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Revitalizing Hedgesville Middle School: Community Church Infuses ‘New Life’

HEDGESVILLE – Upon their return to school on Monday, students and teachers at Hedgesville Middle School will be greeted with a fresh ambiance. The walls adorned with new paint, vibrant flowers adorning the exterior, and an upgraded sound system in the cafeteria will set the tone for the new academic term.

The transformation was made possible by the concerted efforts of nearly 200 volunteers mobilized by New Life Community Church through their “Mobilize” initiative.

Pastor Ryan Parsons, spearheading the initiative, expressed, “We aim to astound the school, teachers, and students as they step in on Monday. It’s akin to an extreme makeover tailored for schools.”

Inside the premises, volunteers engaged in painting walls and stairs, repairing ceiling tiles, and diligently removing gum residues from the gymnasium bleachers in the school, which boasts a history spanning almost a century. Beyond the school walls, tasks such as landscaping, pathway clearance, and mulch spreading were undertaken with equal enthusiasm.

The volunteers extended their support to the adjacent baseball complex, undertaking projects like refurbishing dugouts.

Parsons emphasized, “Our efforts are channeled towards initiatives that benefit a broader spectrum, particularly the children in our community.”

The program, initiated around nine years ago, aligns with New Life Community Church’s commitment to embody the essence of “Community” in its name. Over the years, they have extended their assistance to various local educational institutions, including Martinsburg High School, Hedgesville High School, Rosemont Elementary, among others.

Upon proposing the idea to the administrators at Hedgesville Middle School, a comprehensive list of ‘dream tasks’ was compiled for the volunteers to tackle. This compilation encompassed around 70 diverse tasks within the school premises.

Principal Elizabeth Adams expressed her gratitude, stating, “This initiative is truly a blessing as it addresses tasks that often take a back seat amidst our focus on daily classroom preparations. I am overwhelmed with gratitude and anticipation witnessing this remarkable transformation.”

For Adams, a significant aspect of the renovation involved transitioning the color scheme in the main hall from its previous light blue hue to a navy blue shade, aligning more closely with the school’s colors.

Looking ahead, Adams revealed plans to introduce a gold stripe down the middle during the summer break, aiming to instill a sense of school spirit.

“We instill values like the ‘Hedgesville way’ – a culture where even if you didn’t drop the paper, you pick it up. I believe that revitalizing our school environment will foster a sense of pride and ownership among the students,” Adams remarked.