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Urgent Call for DOJ Probe into Alleged Criminal Abortions of the ‘DC Five’ by Chip Roy and Pro-Life Advocates

Pro-life legislators, including Rep. Chip Roy of Texas and Andy Biggs of Arizona, alongside activists, gathered outside the U.S. Capitol Building to urge the Department of Justice to investigate the discovery of five fully developed fetuses in the waste of a D.C. abortion facility in 2022. Progressive pro-life advocate Terrisa Bukovinac accused the DOJ of attempting to conceal potential illegal abortion activities by advocating for the disposal of the fetal remains without conducting autopsies.

Referred to as the “D.C. Five,” these fetuses, found at the Foggy Bottom Washington Surgi-Clinic, appeared to be nearly fully formed infants, sparking concerns among pro-life proponents and lawmakers about possible instances of infanticide or illegal late-term abortions. Despite the findings, the D.C. authorities confirmed that the fetuses were aborted in compliance with local regulations.

Recently, the Department of Justice reportedly instructed the D.C. Medical Examiner to destroy the remains, a move contested by GOP lawmakers and pro-life groups, including Bukovinac’s Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising (PAAU). The absence of autopsies on the fetuses raises fears that crucial evidence of illicit abortions may be lost.

During the press conference, Rep. Chip Roy denounced the DOJ’s decision to dispose of the remains as an “absolute atrocity,” emphasizing the need to uphold laws prohibiting barbaric practices like partial-birth and late-term abortions. A letter signed by concerned parties urged Congress to prevent the premature disposal of the bodies and called for a thorough investigation into the matter.

Rep. Bob Good highlighted the distressing nature of the case, suggesting that the fetuses may have been subjected to illegal procedures like partial-birth abortion or abandonment after birth. The failure to preserve the remains for investigation was condemned as a betrayal of the government’s duty to protect vulnerable lives.

Terrisa Bukovinac expressed concerns about a potential cover-up orchestrated by the DOJ and abortion advocates to evade accountability for federal crimes. She cited evidence suggesting collusion between the Biden administration, DOJ, and abortion organizations to obfuscate the truth behind the discovered fetuses.

The situation remains contentious, with pro-life advocates pushing for transparency and justice in the handling of the “D.C. Five” case.