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Acquisition of Toolhouse Positions CG Life as a Science-First, Tech-Enabled Firm

Shortly after introducing a brand refresh at the beginning of the year, CG Life has revealed its acquisition of digital agency Toolhouse.

The purpose of this acquisition is to enhance the company’s digital capabilities by incorporating Toolhouse’s expertise in marketing technology enablement, data-driven insights, and user-centric design. The financial details of the transaction have not been disclosed.

“I’m excited that Toolhouse has decided to join us on our mission to establish what I refer to as a science-first, tech-enabled agency catering to the life science and biopharma sector,” stated CG Life CEO David Ormesher in an interview with MM+M.

Ormesher mentioned that discussions regarding the deal commenced late last year.

“In December, one of my initial calls was to Toolhouse because I believed they would be an excellent fit for us,” he explained. “I was familiar with their work, had a good understanding of their capabilities, and held their leadership in high regard. They were known for their collaborative approach and had established a strong reputation as a digital agency of record.”

CG Life has been actively repositioning itself as a brand driven by scientific proficiency. In January, it introduced its new brand identity, emphasizing its dedication to scientific innovation.

Ormesher emphasized his belief that the future of the biopharma industry hinges on innovation and personalized solutions for small patient populations and rare diseases.

This is where Toolhouse’s expertise becomes invaluable. While CG Life focuses on the scientific and marketing aspects, Toolhouse contributes digital transformation, omnichannel strategies, data analytics, and extensive experience working with major pharmaceutical companies.

Ormesher highlighted Toolhouse’s strengths in omnichannel customer engagement, precise segmentation and targeting, and the development of exceptional customer experiences.

Furthermore, Toolhouse’s data analytics capabilities will enable CG Life to assess its effectiveness and make necessary adjustments as they progress.

Following the acquisition, CG Life’s workforce will double to 150 employees. The executives from Toolhouse will assume leadership positions within the merged team.

Mike Wiebe, the former CEO and chief creative officer of Toolhouse, will now serve as the Senior Vice President of Digital at CG Life. Kari Obrist will take on the role of Senior Vice President of Client Delivery, while Kevin Stock will be the Senior Vice President of Technology.

This strategic move will allow CG Life to sharpen its focus on the rare disease and small patient population segment, according to Ormesher.

He pointed out the approval of seven cell and gene therapies last year, along with 17 therapies in the pipeline awaiting regulatory assessment, as indicators of the sector’s future growth.

Ormesher explained, “This particular sector demands a profound understanding of scientific principles, coupled with the ability to effectively communicate these concepts to targeted audiences. This is where digital expertise plays a crucial role. I view them as complementary pillars – science and digital omnichannel – equipping us to assist these companies in reaching the market successfully.”