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Abby Nash Memorial Event Scheduled for This Month

A commemorative event commemorating the life of Abby Nash, a former student at WKU who passed away in December 2023, will take place.

Abby, who was a senior at the time of her demise, was on track to graduate in spring 2024 with a degree in marketing and a certificate in graphic design. During her tenure at WKU, Abby Nash was actively engaged in various pursuits.

Tom Nash, her father, remarked, “If Abby decided that she wanted to do something, she went all in.”

Starting with participating in intramural sports, Abby progressed to refereeing intramurals and eventually overseeing referees, according to Tom Nash.

Moreover, Abby was employed at her residence, the Columns, and was part of the Cherry Creative team, in addition to holding an off-campus job.

“Abby was always on the move, always engaged; she relished exploring new avenues,” her mother, Anne Nash, shared.

Despite changing her major multiple times, Abby was diligently working towards completing her degree. In the fall semester of 2023, she took on 18 credit hours, maintaining a perfect 4.0 GPA and earning a spot on the WKU President’s List, a feat she had accomplished in previous semesters.

“Whether in her academics or her extracurriculars, she was adventurous,” Anne Nash noted.

Abby found joy in hiking in the vicinity and regularly played pickleball with a close group of friends.

“Her presence would light up a room; her infectious smile and bright eyes radiated positivity,” Anne Nash recalled. “Everything felt right when she was around.”

Anne Nash highlighted Abby’s ability to forge connections with individuals of all age groups: “She had a knack for connecting with people effortlessly, regardless of age.”

During college visits, Abby Nash, while exploring the engineering program at Murray State, expressed interest in visiting WKU due to its proximity. Anne Nash recounted how the moment they set foot on campus, Abby knew it was where she belonged.

“She adored the campus, the layout resonated with her,” Anne Nash reminisced.

Abby Nash shared a special bond with her younger sister, Caitlyn Nash, who is four years her junior.

“They were like twins born four years apart,” Tom Nash remarked.

Abby harbored ambitious plans for her post-graduation future. Her aspirations included relocating to Eugene, Oregon, in pursuit of a graphic design position with Nike, based in the region. Anne Nash revealed that while this was her primary goal, Abby was open to any opportunity in the western region that involved graphic design.

Tom Nash stressed the importance of addressing mental health challenges and the need for increased resources to support individuals facing such issues.

“We need to find ways to enhance resources and support for mental health challenges; hopefully, this can be part of our legacy,” he expressed.

Abby’s celebration of life event, organized by Tom, Anne, and Caitlyn Nash, is scheduled for February 23, coinciding with what would have been her 22nd birthday.

“It’s a celebration centered around Abby, encompassing all the things she held dear,” Anne Nash shared.

Members of the WKU community are invited to join the event, which will take place at the Kentucky Derby Museum. The atmosphere will be informal, featuring refreshments, beverages, and live music by This, That & The Other.

“We aim to commemorate her beautiful and remarkable essence,” Anne Nash conveyed.