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Crafting Senior Life Adventures: The Vision of Carolyn Bogott

Christy Haag, the dynamic and compassionate Life Enrichment director at South Grove Lodge Senior Living, offers a diverse calendar of activities suitable for everyone. Each activity is categorized based on whether it is cognitive, creative, physical, purposeful, sensory, social, or spiritual in nature. For instance, on Expedition Day each month, residents embark on a virtual journey to a foreign country. In March, they explored the Netherlands through a variety of activities including Dutch cuisine, discussions on windmills and Dutch travel, a Dutch clog dancing showcase, a tulip-themed art project, a Dutch cooking class, and an evening screening of “At Eternity’s Gate: A Story of Van Gogh.”

In addition to these engaging activities, Christy organized a canned food drive in March to foster a sense of community involvement among the residents of Austin. Furthermore, she spearheaded a $3,000 donation to the Alzheimer Walk and established an ongoing support group for individuals with low vision in the Austin community. Physical activities such as Wii bowling, cardio drumming, and chair yoga are also available to residents.

Apart from these, residents can participate in themed parties, birthday celebrations, game nights, Bible study sessions, guided meditation, and shopping excursions. Christy has forged a partnership with the Austin homeschooling group, facilitating regular intergenerational activities between the children and residents. To cater to specific needs, technology like virtual reality sets is provided for residents with sundown syndrome, along with special headsets and microphones for those who are hearing-impaired.

Christy’s philosophy revolves around providing purposeful activities that contribute to the residents’ emotional, social, spiritual, and physical well-being. She values the wisdom and experiences shared by the seniors, emphasizing the importance of respecting their individuality and interests. Christy’s approach, which she terms “serious fun,” aims to create a holistic and enriching environment for the residents.

With a background as a Cordon Bleu-trained chef and a mother of six, Christy’s journey to becoming the Life Enrichment director at South Grove Lodge is a testament to her adaptability and passion for enriching the lives of others. Residents appreciate her dedication, citing her exceptional talents, compassion, and the array of activities she organizes, including outings to restaurants and sports events.

Christy’s unwavering commitment to the residents is encapsulated in her favorite quote from Gandhi, “Where there is love, there is life.” Her genuine care and willingness to go above and beyond for the residents reflect her profound impact on the community. For more information about the Austin Branch of AAUW, please reach out to Sue Grove at [email protected] or Carolyn Bogott at [email protected]. AAUW, a longstanding advocate for women’s empowerment and education, welcomes individuals with a two-year degree or higher, including men who support their objectives. Scholarships and legal assistance in cases of sex discrimination are among the services offered by AAUW, a pioneering organization dedicated to promoting gender equality and opportunities for women.