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Supporting Life-Changing Mentorships: Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lubbock Fundraising Efforts

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) – Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lubbock is seeking assistance to offer individual mentoring for children in the local community.

Commencing next week, the initiative emphasizes that financial contributions represent an investment in the future of the upcoming generation.

The primary focus of the organization is to facilitate one-on-one mentorships for youngsters aged between six and 18. According to Executive Director Melissa Corley, children greatly benefit from having a consistent companion who can provide guidance and unwavering support.

Corley highlighted the significance of this mentorship program, stating, “A lot of times, unfortunately, our children don’t have a lot of adult interaction with others just because maybe their parents are working or they’re just busy all the time. So, having this one mentor that’s always checking in on them and is building a friendship with them is really important.”

Ben Gariepy shared his experience as a mentor to Landon through Big Brothers Big Sisters for the past year, expressing, “Now, it’s just part of the weekly schedule, and I would be really disappointed if for some reason I wasn’t able to hang out with Landon anymore.”

Mentors commit to dedicating at least one year to spending a minimum of one hour weekly with their younger sibling. Activities during this time can range from visiting the park, attending local events, to assisting with homework. Importantly, Corley clarified that there are no expenses incurred by the children or mentors to participate in the program.

The organization arranges a complimentary event for mentors and mentees each month and collaborates with community partners to organize additional activities. Supporting a mentorship match for a year costs the organization approximately \(1,200 to \)1,500, covering expenses such as background checks, training, and any necessary family support.

With a goal of raising $100,000 at its primary annual fundraiser, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lubbock has joined forces with Servpro of Southwest Lubbock for a tournament and kickoff concert set to commence next week.

Corley extended an invitation to the community to partake in the fundraiser, emphasizing the enjoyable nature of the event and the positive impact on the local community. She stated, “We invite the community to come out and participate in this fundraiser because it’s so much fun and the end result is that we’re serving Lubbock and our neighbors, our friends, and so it’s a win, win all around.”

For individuals unable to contribute financially but willing to offer their time, Corley noted a substantial waiting list of children seeking a mentor, particularly younger brothers.

Gariepy reflected on the transformative influence of mentorship, underscoring, “It’s very hard to see yourself making world changes. like, picking up trash doesn’t change the world, volunteering at the garden doesn’t change the world, but it changes somebody’s life. So, when it comes to BBBS, it’s something that can be fun and rewarding, and you should do that because you’re changing somebody’s life for the better.”

Those interested in becoming a big brother or big sister or referring a child in need are encouraged to reach out to the organization.

Tickets for the “Golf for Kids’ Sake” fundraiser, including the kickoff concert on Friday, April 26, at Servpro of Southwest Lubbock, can be purchased. The tournament is scheduled for Friday, May 3, at Lakeridge Country Club. Early registration is recommended for individuals or teams, as spots tend to fill up quickly.

Golf for Kids’ Sake Fundraiser for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lubbock

Golf for Kids’ Sake Fundraiser for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lubbock(KCBD)

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