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Handcrafted Baby Blankets by Belles For Life: A Heartwarming Gift for New Moms

Blanket material and yarn adorned the tables at Saint Mary’s Haggar College Center on Thursday evening during the Belles for Life spring kick-off event. The crafting supplies were utilized by students to create baby blankets and hats for expecting mothers.

Sophomore president of Belles for Life, Kathryn Schneider, expressed, “We are crafting baby blankets, knitting and crocheting baby hats, and creating hearts for expecting mothers. Our intention is to donate these items to a local center that specifically aids women, particularly those who are expecting.”

The event aligns with the club’s core mission of supporting women, emphasizing the importance of community solidarity for these individuals.

Schneider elaborated, “Primarily, we are a pro-life organization. Our focus extends beyond opposing abortion to actively advocating for mothers in need. We strive to ensure that pregnant women receive the necessary support and resources for themselves and their babies, particularly within the South Bend and tri-campus community.”

Jocelyn Porter, the club’s treasurer and a junior, expressed her enthusiasm for hosting similar events in the future to produce more supplies. Due to the time-consuming nature of knitting and crocheting, the group opted to maximize their output during the event rather than stockpiling supplies.

Regarding the time commitment, Porter mentioned, “I am uncertain about the exact duration needed to craft these hats, perhaps around 45 minutes. We did not set a specific time limit for making the hats. Personally, I only procured materials for five blankets due to the labor-intensive process, but I aspire to create as many as possible.”

Attendance at club events tends to fluctuate, but for this particular event that involved creating hats and blankets, most participants remained until they finished their projects. Porter highlighted that the evening timing allowed students who couldn’t attend daytime events to take part.

Porter noted, “Typically, attendees come and go throughout the two-hour event, so people can join at any point. I estimate around 30 to 50 individuals were present. We usually have a good turnout, and I noticed some new faces, which is encouraging.”

Junior Piper Ogden, not a club member but an event enthusiast, emphasized the significance of Belles for Life’s initiatives and projects, underscoring the positive impact even small gestures can have on the community.

Reflecting on the pro-life movement, Ogden remarked, “Taking tangible actions is crucial. While making blankets may seem simple, it signifies a meaningful effort to make a difference by providing someone with a warm blanket.”

Looking ahead, the club anticipates organizing more events like this throughout the semester, viewing them as opportunities to engage with the community and contribute positively, regardless of the turnout.

Ogden concluded, “Engaging in small acts of service like this is valuable. Even if these events became more frequent, I believe people would continue to participate willingly.”