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Infant Finally Heads Home After Extended Hospital Stay Due to Botulism

LEE COUNTY, Florida (Gray News) – Following an uncommon bout of botulism, a Florida newborn has been reunited with his parents subsequent to a three-week hospitalization, including a two-week stay in the pediatric intensive care unit.

Khaizyn Kay, merely 3 weeks old, was swiftly admitted to Golisano Children’s Hospital on March 16 when he exhibited a loss of appetite and increased lethargy. Within a day, he ceased all movement and response completely, as recounted by his mother, Deisamely “Daisy” Kay.

Describing the ordeal, she mentioned, “He completely lost his mobility. He didn’t move. He didn’t respond to pain. He did not cry. He didn’t open his eyes.”

Medical professionals in the PICU suspected botulism in Khaizyn, a condition triggered by a toxin that assaults the body’s nerves, leading to symptoms like muscle weakness, breathing difficulties, and potential muscle paralysis if untreated promptly.

Acting swiftly, doctors initiated treatment by administering BabyBIG, a medication tailored for infant botulism. Daisy Kay expressed the intense battle for her son’s life, revealing, “He crashed three times. He had to be intubated so many times I thought I wasn’t gonna walk out of here with our baby.”

Fortunately, within 72 hours of commencing treatment, Khaizyn exhibited signs of improvement, regaining mobility and prompting celebrations in the hospital room, as Dr. Leigh Sweet, the pediatric infectious disease specialist attending to him, attested.

After over two weeks of recuperation in the PICU followed by additional care in a different hospital section, Khaizyn underwent physical therapy to aid in his strength recovery.

The heartwarming moment arrived last Friday when Khaizyn, now 6 weeks old, was discharged, eliciting joy from the hospital staff who bid farewell to the infant and his family.

The CDC notes that the source of infant botulism is often indeterminate, with exposure to the disease-causing bacteria potentially occurring in various environments such as soil, dust, homes, and even honey, posing minimal risk to healthy children and adults.

The circumstances surrounding Khaizyn’s exposure are currently under scrutiny, as his mother continues to seek answers.

To assist with the family’s medical expenses and ongoing care needs, a GoFundMe page has been established by Kay for those willing to contribute.

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