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Commemorating the Life of Alexa Bartell: Family Honors 20-Year-Old Victim of Fatal Rock-Throwing Incident

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. — Kelly Bartell stood amidst a gathering of family members, bundled up in jackets to shield themselves from a spring snow shower. She reflected on the poignant words inked on her daughter’s arm, a passage from the Bible that had been on her mind for the past year.

Quoting Luke 6:27, she shared, “Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, and pray for those who mistreat you.”

Later that evening, Kelly expressed that this was the message her daughter, Alexa Bartell, would want to impart to others.

“That’s the legacy I want her to leave behind,” she remarked.

Alexa Bartell’s family commemorated the life of the 20-year-old, tragically killed a year ago in a rock-throwing incident on Friday.

Driving northbound on Indiana Street, just south of State Highway 128 in Jefferson County on the evening of April 19, 2023, Alexa’s life was cut short when a large rock crashed through her windshield, claiming her life.

On Friday at 6 p.m., her loved ones gathered at the crash site, scattering soil and seeds along the road’s edge.

Alexa Bartell family one year

Addressing the group, Kelly reiterated what they already knew too well—her daughter was a remarkable, compassionate, and joyful young woman.

Frequent declarations of “I love you” were a norm in their interactions. Kelly recounted doing the same on the fateful night but felt compelled to give Alexa one last hug before heading out to walk the dogs while Alexa visited a friend. That hug, she recalled, turned out to be the final one.

“Embrace your loved ones—let them know you love them, reassure them one more time, for us,” she urged.

Alexa’s father, Greg Bartell, residing in Florida, reminisced about their last dinner together during his visit to Colorado.

“I can vividly recall the precise moment I embraced my daughter for the last time,” he shared. “Little did I know it would be our final hug. I expressed my love for her and said, ‘I’ll see you again, baby doll.’”

Alexa Bartell

Bartell family

He expressed his conviction that Jesus Christ welcomed his daughter at the crash site that night, guiding her to heaven.

Kelly fondly remembered Alexa’s infectious smile and her penchant for spreading laughter. She illuminated every room she entered.

“She was everyone’s confidante,” Kelly affirmed. “The go-to person for sharing troubles. She derived joy from helping others.”

Gathering the family on Friday was Kelly’s way of cherishing the fond memories and celebrating the light that Alexa brought into their lives.

Alexa Bartell cross

Robyn Miller, Alexa’s aunt and Kelly’s sister, joined numerous family members in sowing seeds on Friday before a nearby celebration of Alexa’s life.

“I was blessed to witness her birth,” she reminisced. “I held her for the first time… We used to playfully argue: She’d say ‘I love you,’ and I’d counter with, ‘I love you more,’ to which she’d respond, ‘I love you more!’”

The sisters recalled Alexa’s love for dancing and her persistent efforts to involve the family in her passion. Nearly everyone in the family eventually joined in, they recounted.

“She’s our resident TikTok dancer,” Kelly shared, with a chuckle.

Prior to her untimely passing, Alexa had secured a new job and was eagerly anticipating the challenges ahead. She was diligently saving money and embracing adulthood with pride.

“She was on a positive trajectory,” Kelly affirmed. “She was content and proud of her journey.”

Contributions can be made to the Alexa Bartell Memorial Fund at FirstBank. The family also accepts donations via Zelle at [email protected] and Venmo at @Alexa-Bartell-4. For Venmo transactions, the associated phone number’s last four digits are 1166.

Three suspects, high school seniors at the time, have been implicated in connection with Bartell’s tragic demise. They face charges of first-degree murder, attempted murder, second-degree assault, and attempted second-degree assault. The legal proceedings, including allegations of rock-throwing at other drivers, are set to commence with the first trial scheduled for June 7.