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Ad of the Day: Lindex chronicles woman’s life after formative bra-fitting

This ad is so familiar because it shows life’s ups and downs without any sugarcoating. As we travel through the life of a woman, there are many moments we can relate to, landing it our top spot today.

Swedish fashion retailer Lindex is putting women front and center of its new ad campaign but in a very raw and unfiltered way. Viewers see a woman’s life from her teenage years right up to going through menopause, with the product at the heart of the short film.

The story is relayed poignantly with poise and a dash of humor, which makes it all the more relatable. This relatability is crucial in fostering a strong emotional connection with the brand and its message.

What makes this ad stand out is that it takes an unexpected direction for a lingerie brand. For people who remember going to buy their first bra, there’s a sense of nostalgia and significance too. There’s a ‘lived experience’ element to this video that strikes an emotional chord.

Overall, the ad is refreshingly honest, with authentic storytelling and visuals. It leaves a lasting impression and is deserving of the Ad of the Day.


Production company: Smuggler

Director: Fiona Jane Burgess

Managing director: Fergus Brown

Managing director / Executive Producer: Lucy Kelly

Producer: Ellie Fry

Production manager: Ellie Sanders Wright

Production assistant: Kamran Marzban

Production runner: Hannah Wolfenden

Client: Lindex

Art director: Hanna Löthman Wickelgren

Creative copy: Linda Nellemo

Creative director: Martin Cedergren

Project leader: Frida Kifeldt

Business lead: Pia Råde

Stylist: Charlotte Kopp

Production executive: Martina Sandström

Motion graphic designer: Karl Stigland

Graphic designer: Olivia Segerqvist

Graphic Designer – Åsa Westlund

Social media manager: Jeanette Olsson

Social media content specialist: Alicia Rickström

PR & influencer marketing manager: Susanna Antonini

Global media lead: Annelie Fredriksson

Paid social media specialist: Emelie Franzén

Marketing and customer analyst: Sara Ritzby

Director of global marketing: Linda Olsson

Casting: Road Casting

Cinematographer: Andreas Johannessen

1st AD: Joe Carter

2nd AD: Alix Williams

1st AC: Barney Batchelor

2nd AC: Nina Mangold

Cam trainee: Eve Gabarre

Grip: Louisa Court

Video playback: Liam Coles

Sound recordist: Lucy Pickering

Boom Op: Chi Limpiroj

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Electrician: Aggie Mentel

Electrician: Perry Read

Electrician: Conrad Reid

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Art director: Tasneem Elnayal

Prop master: Ezra Piers-Mantell

Props assistant: Jonas Morgan

Art assistant: Adrian Gono

Art assistant: Jamie Brown

Art assistant: Jumana Abdelsalam

Construction: Tom

Action vehicle: Chris Anstey

Wardrobe stylist: Verity May Lane

Wardrobe assistant: Lucy Thomson

HMU stylist: Michele Baylis

HMU assistant: Roise McGinn

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Runner: Maya Armon

Runner: Grace Robertson

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Runner: Hugo Foley

Runner: Barney Hartwill

Rushes runner: Monty Chaudoir

Post production and VFX: Okay Studio

Postproduction producer: Neuma Llusiá

Editor: Jo Lewandowska

Edit assistant: Michelle Koops

VFX: Faris Hallaq

VFX: Richard “Stretch” Russell

Graphic design and motion graphics: ℅ Lindex

Colour grading Studio: TMLS

Colourist: Julien Alary

Colour assistant: Malin Imerslund

Colour assistant: Chrisremy Berrefjord

Colour Producer: Eli Mari Sandal

Sound design and mix: King Lear Music & Sound

Sound designer: Jack Sedgwick & Dugal MacDiarmid

Audio producer: Natalie Curran

Catering: Reel to Reel

Medic: Paul Mawson

Camera Kit: Panavision

Lighting: MBSe Lighting

Film Stock: Kodak

Film processing & scanning: Cinelab UK