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Long-Range and Durable Battery Life: Accsoon Unveils CoMo Wireless Intercom

The latest series of Accsoon CoMo headphones highlights its innovative CoMo intercom system as a standout feature, boasting excellent range, reliable performance, clear audio quality, and extended battery life.

The CoMo system operates on a headset-based full-duplex 1.9GHz wireless intercom technology, offering an impressive 1300ft (400m) range and prolonged battery durability, setting a new standard in its class. Accsoon’s proficiency in wireless innovations ensures that the CoMo delivers stable, long-range, and high-fidelity real-time audio transmission.

External Antenna

Accson emphasizes the significance of the external antenna integrated into the headset band, enhancing both the range and comfort of the CoMo system. Each CoMo headset is a compact, all-inclusive unit comprising earpiece, microphone, battery, antenna, and electronics, eliminating the need for bulky bodypacks or cumbersome cables. Designed with a wide range of physical adjustments to accommodate various head sizes, the headset can be worn on either the left or right side based on user preference.

The self-contained nature of the CoMo extends to its connectivity functionality. Unlike some competitors, the CoMo does not rely on a hub to operate with up to nine headsets (one host headset and eight remotes), offering simplicity and versatility suitable for diverse applications such as film and TV production, theater performances, live sports events, weddings, and more.

User-Friendly Operation

Simplicity at its core. The CoMo system ensures straightforward operation—simply power on and proceed. In the rare event of a signal interruption, the CoMo seamlessly reconnects automatically. The high-quality microphone features a 150Hz7KHz frequency response, strategically positioned to capture the user’s voice accurately for crystal-clear communication. Additionally, the microphone arm includes a convenient Flip-to-Mute function.

Advanced Noise Reduction Technology

The CoMo system combines robust connectivity with advanced Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) capabilities, effectively identifying ambient noises and minimizing their impact, resulting in clearer and more intelligible speech. The zero sound leakage design is particularly beneficial for use in quiet settings like theaters.

Extended Battery Performance

Engineered with a high-capacity 2320mAh rechargeable battery, the CoMo ensures extended operational times. It can function for over 10 hours as a Master headset with 4 remote headsets, over 8 hours as a Master with 8 remote headsets, and an impressive 13 hours as a remote headset. For prolonged usage, the battery is replaceable, enabling continuous operation. Recharging the battery takes less than 2 hours.

Pricing and Package Options

The CoMo offers various package options:

  • Kit with 1 Host headset + 2 Remote headsets priced at USD $949
  • Kit with 1 Host headset + 4 Remote headsets priced at USD $1599
  • Kit with 1 Host + 6 Remote headsets available for USD $2199
  • Kit with 1 Host + 8 Remote headsets priced at USD $2849
  • Individual CoMo host headset priced at USD $299
  • Individual CoMo remote headset priced at USD $279

The Accsoon CoMo range is set to launch in June 2024. The CoMo headsets will be showcased at the Accsoon booth C7535 during the NAB show in Las Vegas from April 14-17, 2024.

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