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Oliver Stark Discusses Buck’s Sexual Orientation and the Impactful Storyline in the 100th Episode

WARNING: The following conversation includes revelations from the fourth episode of Season 7 of “9-1-1” on ABC, titled “Buck Bothered and Bewildered.”

Beyond a promotional event at the Bachelor mansion, the 100th installment of “9-1-1” did not showcase any calamities that matched the show’s typical extraordinary disasters. Nevertheless, it culminated in what could be deemed the most startling moment in the history of this Ryan Murphy-produced series: a kiss shared between Evan “Buck” Buckley, who is presumed to be heterosexual, and another male character.

Given that a substantial portion of the “9-1-1” fan community has long supported the idea of Buck and his straight best friend Eddie (played by Ryan Guzman) as a potential romantic duo, the twist that Buck’s kissing partner was not Eddie but Eddie’s new acquaintance Tommy Kinard (portrayed by Louis Ferrigno Jr.) is likely to catch many off guard.

Peter Stark, the actor who plays Buck, reveals that the storyline involving Buck’s queer romance with Tommy was not disclosed to him until the production of Season 7 was underway. Stark expressed his enthusiasm for this narrative development, emphasizing that it is both deserved and eagerly anticipated.

In an interview with Variety, Stark delves into the emotional impact of this unexpected turn of events and speculates on the potential reactions from fans. He stresses the importance of staying true to the character’s journey and allowing the storyline to unfold organically, irrespective of external opinions.

The crossover event featuring “The Bachelor” at the actual Bachelor mansion was a memorable experience for Stark, who appreciated the opportunity to participate in such an iconic setting. The collaborative effort between the two production crews added an extra layer of authenticity to the episode.

As for Buck’s future, Stark hints at forthcoming discussions with key characters like Maddie, Eddie, and the 118 team regarding his relationship with Tommy. He anticipates a mix of reactions from his peers but underscores the show’s commitment to portraying a genuine and heartfelt narrative.

Stark commends the show’s co-creator, Tim Minear, for his collaborative approach and willingness to involve the actors in shaping their characters’ storylines. He reflects on the early filming of the pivotal kiss scene and the evolving emotions that surfaced during the shoot.

In conclusion, Stark shares his admiration for the spinoff series “9-1-1: Lone Star” and expresses his support for the cast and crew, highlighting the potential for future collaborations between the two shows.

(Interview edited and condensed for brevity.)