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Elderly War Veteran Assaulted and Robbed During Pizza Delivery

An 81-year-old military veteran faced a harrowing ordeal when he was attacked and thrown to the ground during a violent carjacking incident in Chicago’s Northwest Side last week.

Ernie Aimone, a dedicated pizza delivery driver with a long history in the business, was targeted as he was crossing the street after completing a delivery in the Jefferson Park neighborhood. The assailant approached him from behind, demanding the keys before launching a brutal assault on Aimone.

Recalling the traumatic experience, Aimone recounted, “They said, ‘Gimme the keys, gimme the keys,’ and they sucker punched me from behind, hitting me in the face. I feared for my life.”

The Vietnam War veteran, reeling from the unexpected blow, found himself sprawled on the ground, opting to stay face down to prevent further harm as the culprits fled in his car.

Law enforcement swiftly responded to the carjacking incident, entering the stolen vehicle’s plate number, a 2015 Hyundai Sante Fe, into the database. Subsequently, state police located Aimone’s car on an expressway, initiating a pursuit in an attempt to apprehend the perpetrator.

Despite the police chase, the carjacker evaded capture, resulting in a dramatic crash that inflicted significant damage to the stolen Hyundai. While one teenage suspect has been detained, authorities continue their search for potential accomplices involved in the crime.

Aimone expressed his determination to resume work once he regains access to a functional vehicle, emphasizing his commitment to his children’s well-being. His daughter, Robyn Aimone, expressed gratitude that the assault did not culminate in a tragedy, highlighting the profound impact her father has had on their lives.

With a career spanning four decades at Joe’s on Higgins, where he is cherished by colleagues and patrons alike, Aimone’s resilience and dedication have not gone unnoticed. The community has rallied behind him, recognizing his unwavering service and sacrifice.

Efforts to support Aimone in his time of need have culminated in a fundraising initiative led by the Gladstone Park Chamber of Commerce. The GoFundMe campaign aims to assist Aimone in repairing his damaged car or acquiring a new one, reflecting the community’s deep appreciation for his contributions.

Amidst the outpouring of generosity, the fundraising page has garnered over $38,400 from 913 donations, underscoring the collective desire to stand by Aimone during this challenging period. As the page aptly states, “Ernie proudly served his country, and has been delivering to our community for years; and now it’s time for us to deliver for him!”