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7 brilliant ways AI can level up your life

Let’s face it: No matter how smart we are and how much effort we put into something, we’d all benefit from offloading certain tasks to AI. AI can inarguably make our lives easier — and the sooner we stop over it and start using it to tackle repetitive, time-consuming tasks, the sooner it can boost our personal and professional lives.

Whether AI is managing your daily work tasks or optimizing your company’s bottom line via an , here’s a roundup of how AI can upgrade your life, starting now.

1. AI can help you save money

Tracking your spending can be a snore, so why not let AI help you with that? AI-based financial tools can analyze your spending habits, track payments for all your apps and subscriptions, and even help you stick to a budget. Many online retail platforms also use AI to compare prices, helping you get the most bang for your buck.

2. AI can help your online biz make money

If you’re an e-commerce entrepreneur, you likely rely on digital sign-up forms to build customer email and SMS lists — but figuring out which form works best and when it should pop up can be tedious work. A marketing platform that utilizes AI optimization tools, such as , can test different versions of your form, pinpoint the precise display time for the highest conversions, and automatically take your form live to help you nab more customers.

3. AI can make your photos look bomb

Whether you’re an online retailer selling vintage sneakers or a designer looking to speed up your workflow, AI-powered tools can enhance your photos, sharpen blurry images, seamlessly swap out backgrounds, and make other tedious tweaks that are usually a headache to do yourself.

4. AI can help your business reach the right customers

AI slays when it comes to tackling repetitive tasks, such as building audience segments for your company’s marketing emails. This task used to take hours and required a fair amount of guesswork, not to mention Application Programming Interface (API) skills. But with , all you have to do is tell the tool who you want to reach, and it’ll create your target audience in seconds flat.

5. AI can help retailers send rad product recs

Many businesses use a marketing automation platform to send emails and texts alerting customers to new deals and products — but Klaviyo takes things one step further. does — analyzes all your products, narrows them down to the ones each individual customer is most likely to buy, and places those curated recommendations in inboxes within minutes.

6. AI can manage your hectic life

If you, like most people, are busy, you likely have AI to thank for keeping all of your meetings, deadlines, and dental appointments on track in your digital calendar. Smart tools are the silent heroes working 24/7 to manage your daily tasks. AI can also integrate your planner with your digital calendar, email, and other productivity apps to help you get stuff done.

7. AI can plan an awesome vacation

With AI working overtime to help you save time and money, maybe you can finally take that vacation you’ve been putting off — and AI can plan it. Many travel platforms are leveraging AI to create hyper-personal trips based on what kind of experience you’re looking for, your budget, and your favorite activities. Not sure where to go? AI can let you explore places virtually before you travel, so ready those ‘ritas.

AI-driven budgeting tools, digital planning apps, and marketing platforms such as are just the beginning of how , personally and professionally. Get on board and do yourself a favor already.