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Conversion Story of 40 Days for Life Leaders

By Emily Clark

In Trumbull, Ramona Trevino’s life took a significant turn when she found herself pregnant at 16. Despite the challenges ahead, she made the courageous choice to embrace motherhood, marrying her 19-year-old partner and welcoming a baby girl into the world. However, the marriage soon spiraled into abuse, leading to its eventual dissolution. Determined to spare other young women from a similar fate, Trevino embarked on a transformative journey that ultimately led her to transition from working at a Texas Planned Parenthood clinic to becoming the outreach director for 40 Days for Life, an international organization dedicated to ending abortion through prayer, fasting, and community engagement.

During a gathering at St. Theresa Church, Trevino candidly shared her personal evolution, recounting her initial stance of neutrality while working at the Planned Parenthood clinic. Despite her belief that the absence of actual abortions at the clinic justified her role, she gradually came to realize the profound impact of her involvement. Witnessing young girls seeking birth control, some as young as 12, prompted Trevino to question the true nature of the organization’s mission. This internal conflict marked the beginning of her journey towards a pivotal realization – that the issue at hand was not merely about choice but about the sanctity of life itself.

As Trevino grappled with her conscience, a series of events unfolded that steered her towards a path of redemption. Encountering volunteers from 40 Days for Life during Lent, she felt a stirring within her soul. Seeking solace and guidance, she approached one of the volunteers, unknowingly crossing paths with divine intervention. This encounter, coupled with the unwavering support of the prayer vigils held by the volunteers, catalyzed a profound transformation within Trevino, prompting her to seek forgiveness and embark on a new chapter of advocacy for life.

The transition from her role at Planned Parenthood to joining 40 Days for Life marked a pivotal moment in Trevino’s life. Embracing the organization’s mission of peaceful prayer vigils as a beacon of hope for expectant mothers, she found solace in offering a compassionate alternative to abortion. Through her narrative, Trevino underscored the power of faith, prayer, and community support in fostering positive change and inspiring others to embrace life-affirming choices.

Following her engagements in Trumbull, New Haven, and Branford, Trevino’s journey culminated in her keynote address at the Connecticut March for Life in Hartford. Reflecting on the impact of individual actions, she emphasized the significance of standing as a public witness for life, even in the face of uncertainty. As attendees absorbed Trevino’s message of hope and transformation, they were encouraged to reflect on the profound impact of their own contributions to the pro-life movement.

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