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Jasper County Prom Party Shooting Survivor Begins Fresh Start After Nearly a Year

On April 23, 2023, gunfire erupted at a residence in northern Jasper County where a gathering of over 200 students was taking place.

JASPER, Texas — Nearly a year after the incident, a survivor is embracing the opportunity to move forward with her life.

The night of April 23, 2023, witnessed gunfire at a house in northern Jasper County hosting more than 200 students, resulting in 11 individuals sustaining gunshot wounds.

Ahmayah Green, one of the survivors, shared with 12News her recollection of the evening filled with anticipation to celebrate with friends, which quickly turned into a fight for survival.

Reflecting on the ordeal, Green expressed, “It’s really like a blur really. I just remember one minute I’m standing there and next minute I know I’m shot, on the ground.”

The harrowing experience left Green grappling with memories of the moment her world came to a standstill. She recounted, “The blood was coming out very fast to where I passed out in the car on the way to the hospital.”

Nearly a year later, Green is still undergoing the process of relearning how to walk.

“I’ve only been walking for a few months and I’m not able to do everything that I used to do before the incident,” Green shared.

Having been one of the 11 individuals shot that fateful night, Green expressed her current challenges, stating, “Right now the only thing I really can do is walk. I’ve been in the process of learning how to run again. I’m so afraid to do anything because I don’t want nothing to move out the way or mess up in my leg.”

Following the party, Green sought medical attention at Jasper Memorial Hospital before being transferred to St. Elizabeth Hospital in Beaumont, where she underwent two surgeries during her two-week stay.

Navigating the emotional aftermath, Green shared, “I really don’t know how to feel because at the same time it’s still processing through my mind because I’m just now getting back on my feet and getting my leg back to almost normal.”

Despite the challenges, Green has shown resilience and determination by moving forward from the tragedy to pursue a nursing degree at Tyler Junior College.

“I have no hate in my heart at all. I honestly wish them the absolute best in life. People make mistakes and sometimes we have to just leave it with God and let him work it out,” Green expressed.

In connection with the shooting, four teenagers were arrested, charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and engaging in organized criminal activity. The status of their cases in court is currently under investigation by 12News.