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2023 Global Concrete Photography Awards Highlight Design and Durability

Exploring the Aesthetic Versatility of Concrete

The 2023 Global Concrete Photography Awards, organized by the Global Cement and Concrete Association (GCCA), cast a spotlight on concrete as a pivotal material in architecture and construction. Emphasizing its essential role in our everyday structures from homes to monumental buildings, Thomas Guillot, GCCA’s Chief Executive, commented on how indispensable concrete is, noting its potential for inspiring design alongside its renowned durability.

Capturing Concrete’s Impact on Global Landscapes

This year’s competition, which drew over 21,000 entries, displayed the extensive use of concrete through the lens of photographers worldwide. Saeed Rezvanian clinched the top prize with his striking depiction of children playing at the Teopanzolco Cultural Center in Mexico—a site that creatively commemorates ancient Aztec temples. His image exemplifies how concrete blends artistic and practical elements to enhance communal spaces.

Highlights from the Competition and Exhibition

From intimate portrayals of everyday life to grandiose infrastructural feats, the entries illuminated the diverse applications of concrete across various cultures and geographies. A new feature of the competition, the People’s Choice Award, was awarded to Muhammad Nurudin for his image showcasing the Mandara Toll Road in Bali, which integrates infrastructure with environmental stewardship. All celebrated works, including category winners, are showcased at a London exhibition and are accessible online, offering a panoramic view of concrete’s role in shaping our environmental and social landscapes.