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18 Convenient Tech Gifts That Will Make Your Mom’s Life So Much Easier

For years your mother cherished your macaroni necklaces and expressive finger paintings. Now it’s time to get her a useful, modern present … one that doesn’t require Elmer’s glue or dropping a ton of money. To help you celebrate all the mamas and mother-figures in your life, we rounded up our favorite convenient tech gifts for all under $100.

From personal blenders to lightweight e-readers, these are highly rated gifts that will , without breaking the bank. They’re universal enough that they’re perfect for mother-in-laws or moms you’re not super close to, but still thoughtful enough to make any recipient feel special.

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Here’s a curated list of the top 18 tech gifts under $100 that are perfect for making your mom’s life easier and more enjoyable:

1. Tile Bluetooth Keychain: Ideal for moms who often misplace their keys or bags, this device helps track their location via smartphone connectivity.

2. Red Light Therapy Mask: Offers the benefits of skin rejuvenation from the comfort of home, this mask is an affordable alternative to spa treatments.

3. Phone Holder with Bluetooth Speaker: Enhances the experience of watching videos or following recipes by propping up the phone and amplifying the sound.

4. Amazon Echo with Alexa: Streamlines daily tasks with voice commands, allowing your mom to easily set reminders, play music, or get news updates.

5. Lightweight Kindle: Packed with a glare-free screen and weeks of battery life, this e-reader holds thousands of books in one convenient device.

6. iPhone Charging Dock: A stylish station that charges not just the iPhone, but also an Apple Watch and AirPods, reducing cable clutter.

7. Rechargeable 7-inch Lighter: Perfect for lighting candles safely and easily, this rechargeable lighter is a practical addition to any home.

8. Compact Dual Shot Espresso Machine: Fits even in small kitchens and allows the enjoyment of fresh espresso without a trip to the cafe.

9. Portable Rechargeable Fan and Power Bank: Keeps your mom cool on the go and can charge her phone in a pinch, making it a great accessory for warm days.

10. Hydroponic Indoor Garden: Enables your mom to grow herbs and vegetables indoors all year round, regardless of the weather.

11. Portable Charger That Can Jump-Start a Car: This multifunctional charger not only powers phones and laptops but can also jump-start a vehicle.

12. Self-Heating Thermacup: Keeps coffee or tea at the perfect temperature for hours, ideal for busy mornings.

13. Frameo Digital Photo Frame: A modern touch to home décor that allows for displaying digital photos and easily updating them via an app.

14. Self-Cleaning Ice Machine: Produces two sizes of bullet ice, perfect for moms who enjoy a cold drink.

15. Apple AirPods 2nd Generation: Offers high-quality sound and seamless connectivity with Apple devices, making them a user-friendly tech accessory.

16. Single-Serve NutriBullet: Allows for quick and easy preparation of smoothies or shakes, catering to a healthy lifestyle with minimal cleanup.

17. Instant Brand Milk Frother: Creates luxurious foam for homemade lattes and cappuccinos, enhancing the home café experience.

18. Motion Detection Camera: Provides peace of mind by monitoring home security with smart connectivity features, suitable for pet moms who want to keep an eye on their furry friends.

These gifts are designed to bring convenience, joy, and efficiency to your mom’s daily routines, enhancing her lifestyle with a touch of modern technology.