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15 Affordable Places To Travel In 2024, Ranked In A New Report

Want to take an affordable vacation in 2024? You’ve come to the right place. Although travel costs are on the rise this year, it’s still possible to save money in 2024—if you know where to go.

A —a British-based mail and financial services companyhas just unveiled some of the most budget-friendly destinations for 2024. And although the annual report is aimed at U.K. travelers, it’s a helpful list for Americans, too.

By analyzing currency strengths, local prices and essential tourist expenses in 40 popular vacation destinations around the globe, the Holiday Money Report 2024 highlights some of the cheapest places to travel. The report ranks the destinations based on a barometer that takes the local price of eight tourist essentials into consideration—including coffee, beer, cola, wine, water, sunscreen, and a three-course meal. And while the report doesn’t include factors like hotels and airfare, it helps give a good sense of where your dollars will stretch the furthest.

This is the 18th year that the Post Office has done this report. And the good news: Prices have fallen since last year in 25 spots on the list. (A note that the original report included prices in pounds sterling, which have been converted into dollars here, using the exchange rate on the date of publication of 1.26.)

Leading the list as the cheapest place to travel right now is Hoi An, Vietnam. According to the Post Office report, a total estimated cost of just $64.51 a day for the travel essentials makes this charming gem the ultimate bang-for-your-buck destination that won’t break the bank. Located on the central coast of Vietnam, Hoi An entices visitors with its -recognized Ancient Town, a picturesque spot where lantern-lit streets lead to quaint shops and street food stalls. It is also convenient to stunning white-sand beaches—some of the .

Following closely behind in the second spot is Cape Town, South Africa, where an outlay of $68.48 a day for the essentials promises an unforgettable experience against the backdrop of Table Mountain and pristine coastlines. Here, you can dive into the vibrant culture and indulge in world-class dining (a three-course meal for two people averages less than $44.140) without denting your travel fund.

Mombasa, Kenya takes the third spot on the list. This beachfront destination on the east coast of Africa beckons with its white-sand shores, vibrant markets and rich Swahili heritage, offering an immersive experience for travelers seeking both relaxation and cultural exploration.

In a surprising twist, Tokyo, Japan—a bustling metropolis where tradition meets modernity—secures the fourth spot on the list. According to the Post Office, just $74.43 a day is needed for essential tourist purchases. Helping drive this ranking was the cost of a glass of wine (an average of only $4.56) and a bottle of water (averaging 77¢).

Rounding out the top five is the Algarve in Portugal, which combines culture, history and natural beauty at a fraction of the cost compared to previous years. With its sun-drenched beaches, charming villages and delectable seafood, the Algarve offers an idyllic escape for travelers seeking an affordable yet enriching getaway.

Here are top 15 best-value spots from the 2024 report. You can also download the full for more locations and more details.

  1. Hoi An, Vietnam – $64.51
  2. Cape Town, South Africa – $68.48
  3. Mombasa, Kenya – $69.96
  4. Tokyo, Japan – $74.43
  5. Algarve, Portugal – $75.33
  6. Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt – $77.36
  7. Sunny Beach, Bulgaria – $79.73
  8. Kuta, Bali, Indonesia – $79.79
  9. Marmaris, Turkey – $83.27
  10. Paphos, Cyprus – $92.49
  11. Penang, Malaysia – $93.98
  12. Phuket, Thailand – $97.97
  13. Delhi, India – $98.05
  14. Costa del Sol, Spain – $102.67
  15. Montego Bay, Jamaica – $109.76