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10 Validated Reasons Why Being Tall Improves Your Life

Challenges Faced by Tall Individuals, Correct?

This message is dedicated to all those who have encountered the classic question, “How’s the weather up there?” at some point in their lives.

Standing out in a crowd and involuntarily becoming the center of attention upon entering a room is no walk in the park. It can often lead to feelings of discomfort.

However, in reality, tall individuals truly do stand head and shoulders above the rest ― both literally and metaphorically. There exist numerous health and lifestyle advantages to having a few extra inches compared to the average person, and it’s about time tall people start acknowledging and celebrating these benefits.

Below, we delve into several compelling reasons why embracing your height is a wise choice.

1. Height and Intelligence Connection

According to a study conducted at the University of Edinburgh, taller individuals tend to exhibit higher intelligence levels. Through an analysis of over 6,000 unrelated subjects, researchers observed a positive correlation between height and intelligence. It seems you’re a genius in more ways than one!

2. Reduced Risk of Diabetes

Embrace your tall stature as it may come with a decreased risk of diabetes. A comprehensive review of studies published in Obesity Reviews indicated that taller women were associated with a lower likelihood of developing diabetes. Similar trends were also noted for tall men.

3. Potential for Greater Success

Tall individuals might have a natural inclination towards success. Research suggests that CEOs often possess above-average heights. In fact, approximately half of male Fortune 500 CEOs surpass the average height of other men, indicating a potential link between height and professional achievement.

4. Height and Wages

Height can also impact your earnings. Studies reveal that even a marginal increase in height could translate to higher income levels, as reported by The Atlantic. Another study in the Journal of Human Capital highlighted that individuals in the 75th height percentile tend to earn more.

5. Lower Dementia Risk

Research from the University of Edinburgh suggests that taller individuals have a reduced risk of dementia compared to their shorter counterparts. This association was particularly pronounced in men. However, it’s crucial to clarify that height alone is not a definitive indicator of dementia risk; other contributing factors play a role.

6. Heart Health Benefits

Tall individuals may enjoy a lower risk of certain heart conditions. While height can pose a risk for specific heart issues like arrhythmia, it also offers protection against other cardiovascular concerns. Studies indicate that taller individuals are less susceptible to certain heart diseases.

7. Height and Happiness

Tall people tend to be happier, according to a study. Individuals with greater height reported lower levels of anger and sadness. Moreover, their positive outlook can be contagious, spreading joy to those around them.

8. Height and Productivity

Height could be linked to higher productivity levels. A study published by the National Bureau of Economic Research over a seven-year period found that taller individuals demonstrated increased efficiency in their jobs, as evidenced by their hourly earnings.

9. Perceived Confidence

Tall individuals are often viewed as confident powerhouses. Research indicates that their height contributes to a perception of confidence, leading to active participation in various activities.

10. Embracing the Benefits of Height

In conclusion, being tall comes with numerous advantages. From easy access to high shelves to unobstructed views at crowded events, and enhanced performance in sports like basketball, tall individuals excel in various aspects of life.

So, the next time someone remarks, “How’s the weather up there?” feel free to respond with a sunny outlook on the benefits of being tall.